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Football Both Players to Score Bets

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Rep. Ireland Premier Division

20:00 - Shamrock Rovers v Bray Wanderers - Both Players To Score

Gary Shaw and Gary McCabe 11/2 Brandon Miele and Gary McCabe 6/1
Graham Burke and Gary McCabe 6/1 Gary Shaw and Graham Burke 13/2
Michael O'Connor and Gary McCabe 13/2 Gary Shaw and Brandon Miele 13/2
Gary McCabe and Aaron Greene 13/2 Sean Boyd and Gary McCabe 7/1
Aaron Dobbs and Gary McCabe 7/1 Graham Burke and Brandon Miele 7/1
Gary McCabe and Anthony Flood 7/1 Gary Shaw and Aaron Greene 7/1
Gary Shaw and Michael O'Connor 7/1 Gary McCabe and Ger Pender 15/2
Graham Burke and Michael O'Connor 15/2 Gary Shaw and Anthony Flood 15/2
Graham Burke and Aaron Greene 15/2 Gary Shaw and Aaron Dobbs 15/2
Gary Shaw and Sean Boyd 15/2 Brandon Miele and Michael O'Connor 15/2
Brandon Miele and Aaron Greene 15/2 Gary McCabe and Dylan Connolly 8/1
Brandon Miele and Anthony Flood 8/1 Michael O'Connor and Aaron Greene 8/1
Brandon Miele and Aaron Dobbs 8/1 Graham Burke and Anthony Flood 8/1
Graham Burke and Sean Boyd 8/1 Brandon Miele and Sean Boyd 8/1
Graham Burke and Aaron Dobbs 8/1 Sean Boyd and Aaron Greene 17/2
Michael O'Connor and Aaron Dobbs 17/2 Gary Shaw and Ger Pender 17/2
Michael O'Connor and Sean Boyd 17/2 Michael O'Connor and Anthony Flood 17/2
Aaron Dobbs and Aaron Greene 17/2 Aaron Greene and Anthony Flood 17/2
Aaron Dobbs and Anthony Flood 9/1 Brandon Miele and Ger Pender 9/1
Gary McCabe and Jamie Aheme 9/1 Aaron Greene and Ger Pender 9/1
Brandon Miele and Dylan Connolly 9/1 Sean Boyd and Anthony Flood 9/1
Sean Boyd and Aaron Dobbs 9/1 Michael O'Connor and Ger Pender 9/1
Graham Burke and Ger Pender 9/1 Graham Burke and Dylan Connolly 9/1
Gary Shaw and Dylan Connolly 9/1 Gary Shaw and Jamie Aheme 10/1
Aaron Greene and Dylan Connolly 10/1 Anthony Flood and Ger Pender 10/1
Brandon Miele and Jamie Aheme 10/1 Graham Burke and Jamie Aheme 10/1
Aaron Dobbs and Ger Pender 10/1 Sean Boyd and Ger Pender 10/1
Michael O'Connor and Dylan Connolly 10/1 Aaron Dobbs and Dylan Connolly 11/1
Sean Boyd and Dylan Connolly 11/1 Michael O'Connor and Jamie Aheme 11/1
Aaron Greene and Jamie Aheme 11/1 Anthony Flood and Dylan Connolly 11/1
Aaron Dobbs and Jamie Aheme 12/1 Sean Boyd and Jamie Aheme 12/1
Anthony Flood and Jamie Aheme 12/1 Ger Pender and Dylan Connolly 12/1
Ger Pender and Jamie Aheme 12/1 Dylan Connolly and Jamie Aheme 14/1

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