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Football Both Players to Score Bets

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Premier League

20:00 - Watford v Liverpool - Both Players To Score

Roberto Firmino and Divock Origi 4/1 Divock Origi and Philippe Coutinho 4/1
Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho 4/1 Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge 9/2
Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge 9/2 Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge 9/2
Roberto Firmino and Rhian Brewster 5/1 Divock Origi and Rhian Brewster 5/1
Philippe Coutinho and Rhian Brewster 11/2 Divock Origi and Adam Lallana 6/1
Daniel Sturridge and Rhian Brewster 6/1 Roberto Firmino and Adam Lallana 6/1
Troy Deeney and Divock Origi 13/2 Troy Deeney and Roberto Firmino 13/2
Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana 13/2 Troy Deeney and Philippe Coutinho 7/1
Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana 7/1 Troy Deeney and Daniel Sturridge 15/2
Rhian Brewster and Adam Lallana 8/1 Stefano Okaka and Divock Origi 8/1
Stefano Okaka and Roberto Firmino 8/1 Stefano Okaka and Philippe Coutinho 17/2
Stefano Okaka and Daniel Sturridge 9/1 Mbaye Niang and Roberto Firmino 9/1
Mbaye Niang and Divock Origi 9/1 Mbaye Niang and Philippe Coutinho 9/1
Troy Deeney and Rhian Brewster 9/1 Isaac Success and Roberto Firmino 10/1
Isaac Success and Philippe Coutinho 10/1 Isaac Success and Divock Origi 10/1
Troy Deeney and Adam Lallana 10/1 Stefano Okaka and Rhian Brewster 10/1
Mbaye Niang and Daniel Sturridge 10/1 Mbaye Niang and Rhian Brewster 11/1
Isaac Success and Daniel Sturridge 11/1 Etienne Capoue and Roberto Firmino 11/1
Etienne Capoue and Divock Origi 11/1 Troy Deeney and Stefano Okaka 12/1
Nordin Amrabat and Divock Origi 12/1 Mbaye Niang and Adam Lallana 12/1
Isaac Success and Rhian Brewster 12/1 Stefano Okaka and Adam Lallana 12/1
Etienne Capoue and Philippe Coutinho 12/1 Etienne Capoue and Daniel Sturridge 12/1
Nordin Amrabat and Philippe Coutinho 12/1 Nordin Amrabat and Roberto Firmino 12/1
Nordin Amrabat and Daniel Sturridge 14/1 Isaac Success and Adam Lallana 14/1
Troy Deeney and Mbaye Niang 14/1 Etienne Capoue and Rhian Brewster 14/1
Stefano Okaka and Mbaye Niang 16/1 Troy Deeney and Isaac Success 16/1
Etienne Capoue and Adam Lallana 16/1 Nordin Amrabat and Rhian Brewster 16/1
Nordin Amrabat and Adam Lallana 18/1 Stefano Okaka and Isaac Success 18/1
Troy Deeney and Etienne Capoue 18/1 Mbaye Niang and Isaac Success 20/1
Stefano Okaka and Etienne Capoue 20/1 Troy Deeney and Nordin Amrabat 20/1
Mbaye Niang and Etienne Capoue 22/1 Stefano Okaka and Nordin Amrabat 22/1
Mbaye Niang and Nordin Amrabat 25/1 Isaac Success and Etienne Capoue 25/1
Etienne Capoue and Nordin Amrabat 28/1 Isaac Success and Nordin Amrabat 28/1

All Bets: 129 Bets

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Spanish La Liga

20:00 - Malaga v Sevilla - Both Players To Score

Stevan Jovetic and Wissam Ben Yedder 100/30 Stevan Jovetic and Luciano Vietto 7/2
Wissam Ben Yedder and Luciano Vietto 7/2 Wissam Ben Yedder and Carlos Fernandez 9/2
Sandro Ramirez and Stevan Jovetic 9/2 Sandro Ramirez and Wissam Ben Yedder 9/2
Stevan Jovetic and Carlos Fernandez 9/2 Stevan Jovetic and Pablo Sarabia 9/2
Wissam Ben Yedder and Pablo Sarabia 9/2 Michael Santos and Wissam Ben Yedder 5/1
Stevan Jovetic and Joaquin Correa 5/1 Charles and Wissam Ben Yedder 5/1
Charles and Stevan Jovetic 5/1 Wissam Ben Yedder and Joaquin Correa 5/1
Michael Santos and Stevan Jovetic 5/1 Luciano Vietto and Carlos Fernandez 5/1
Luciano Vietto and Joaquin Correa 11/2 Luciano Vietto and Pablo Sarabia 11/2
Sandro Ramirez and Luciano Vietto 11/2 Charles and Luciano Vietto 6/1
Sandro Ramirez and Carlos Fernandez 6/1 Michael Santos and Luciano Vietto 6/1
Carlos Fernandez and Pablo Sarabia 6/1 Pablo Sarabia and Joaquin Correa 13/2
Gonzalo Castro and Wissam Ben Yedder 13/2 Pablo Fornals and Stevan Jovetic 13/2
Carlos Fernandez and Joaquin Correa 13/2 Gonzalo Castro and Stevan Jovetic 13/2
Pablo Fornals and Wissam Ben Yedder 13/2 Sandro Ramirez and Pablo Sarabia 13/2
Sandro Ramirez and Joaquin Correa 13/2 Charles and Carlos Fernandez 13/2
Michael Santos and Carlos Fernandez 13/2 Sandro Ramirez and Charles 7/1
Jony and Stevan Jovetic 7/1 Michael Santos and Pablo Sarabia 7/1
Sandro Ramirez and Michael Santos 7/1 Charles and Pablo Sarabia 7/1
Jony and Wissam Ben Yedder 7/1 Charles and Joaquin Correa 15/2
Michael Santos and Joaquin Correa 15/2 Gonzalo Castro and Luciano Vietto 15/2
Pablo Fornals and Luciano Vietto 15/2 Charles and Michael Santos 8/1
Gonzalo Castro and Carlos Fernandez 17/2 Pablo Fornals and Carlos Fernandez 17/2
Jony and Luciano Vietto 17/2 Sandro Ramirez and Pablo Fornals 9/1
Pablo Fornals and Joaquin Correa 9/1 Pablo Fornals and Pablo Sarabia 9/1
Sandro Ramirez and Gonzalo Castro 9/1 Jony and Carlos Fernandez 9/1
Gonzalo Castro and Joaquin Correa 9/1 Gonzalo Castro and Pablo Sarabia 9/1
Sandro Ramirez and Jony 10/1 Jony and Pablo Sarabia 10/1
Jony and Joaquin Correa 10/1 Michael Santos and Gonzalo Castro 10/1
Michael Santos and Pablo Fornals 10/1 Charles and Gonzalo Castro 10/1
Charles and Pablo Fornals 10/1 Charles and Jony 11/1
Michael Santos and Jony 11/1 Pablo Fornals and Gonzalo Castro 12/1
Pablo Fornals and Jony 14/1 Gonzalo Castro and Jony 14/1

All Bets: 100 Bets

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  • Live betting will be available

Turkish Super Lig

18:00 - Bursaspor v Galatasaray - Both Players To Score

Eren Derdiyok and Lukas Podolski 9/2 Eren Derdiyok and Bruma 11/2
Eren Derdiyok and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 11/2 Eren Derdiyok and Yasin Oztekin 11/2
Lukas Podolski and Bruma 11/2 Lukas Podolski and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 11/2
Lukas Podolski and Yasin Oztekin 11/2 Bogdan Stancu and Eren Derdiyok 6/1
Bogdan Stancu and Lukas Podolski 6/1 Deniz Yilmaz and Eren Derdiyok 6/1
Deniz Yilmaz and Lukas Podolski 6/1 Eren Derdiyok and Wesley Sneijder 6/1
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Eren Derdiyok 6/1 Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Lukas Podolski 6/1
Lukas Podolski and Wesley Sneijder 6/1 Cristobal Jorquera and Eren Derdiyok 13/2
Cristobal Jorquera and Lukas Podolski 13/2 Pablo Batalla and Eren Derdiyok 13/2
Pablo Batalla and Lukas Podolski 13/2 Sinan Bakis and Eren Derdiyok 13/2
Sinan Bakis and Lukas Podolski 13/2 Yasin Oztekin and Bruma 13/2
Yasin Oztekin and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 13/2 Bogdan Stancu and Yasin Oztekin 7/1
Deniz Yilmaz and Yasin Oztekin 7/1 Garry Mendes Rodrigues and Bruma 7/1
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Yasin Oztekin 7/1 Yasin Oztekin and Wesley Sneijder 7/1
Bogdan Stancu and Bruma 15/2 Bogdan Stancu and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 15/2
Bruma and Wesley Sneijder 15/2 Cristobal Jorquera and Yasin Oztekin 15/2
Deniz Yilmaz and Bruma 15/2 Deniz Yilmaz and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 15/2
Garry Mendes Rodrigues and Wesley Sneijder 15/2 Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Bruma 15/2
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 15/2 Pablo Batalla and Yasin Oztekin 15/2
Sinan Bakis and Yasin Oztekin 15/2 Bogdan Stancu and Wesley Sneijder 8/1
Cristobal Jorquera and Bruma 8/1 Cristobal Jorquera and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 8/1
Deniz Yilmaz and Bogdan Stancu 8/1 Deniz Yilmaz and Kubilay Kanatsizkus 8/1
Deniz Yilmaz and Wesley Sneijder 8/1 Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Bogdan Stancu 8/1
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Wesley Sneijder 8/1 Pablo Batalla and Bruma 8/1
Pablo Batalla and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 8/1 Sinan Bakis and Bruma 8/1
Sinan Bakis and Garry Mendes Rodrigues 8/1 Bogdan Stancu and Cristobal Jorquera 17/2
Bogdan Stancu and Pablo Batalla 17/2 Bogdan Stancu and Sinan Bakis 17/2
Cristobal Jorquera and Wesley Sneijder 17/2 Deniz Yilmaz and Cristobal Jorquera 17/2
Deniz Yilmaz and Pablo Batalla 17/2 Deniz Yilmaz and Sinan Bakis 17/2
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Cristobal Jorquera 17/2 Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Pablo Batalla 17/2
Kubilay Kanatsizkus and Sinan Bakis 17/2 Pablo Batalla and Wesley Sneijder 17/2
Sinan Bakis and Wesley Sneijder 17/2 Pablo Batalla and Cristobal Jorquera 9/1
Pablo Batalla and Sinan Bakis 9/1 Sinan Bakis and Cristobal Jorquera 9/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available

Swedish Allsvenskan

14:00 - Malmo v Örebro SK - Both Players To Score

Pawel Cibicki and Markus Rosenberg 7/4 Pawel Cibicki and Jo Berget 2/1
Markus Rosenberg and Jo Berget 2/1 Pawel Cibicki and Alexander Jeremejeff 9/4
Markus Rosenberg and Alexander Jeremejeff 9/4 Jo Berget and Alexander Jeremejeff 5/2
Markus Rosenberg and Mattias Svanberg 7/2 Pawel Cibicki and Mattias Svanberg 7/2
Pawel Cibicki and Anders Christiansen 4/1 Markus Rosenberg and Anders Christiansen 4/1
Jo Berget and Mattias Svanberg 4/1 Jo Berget and Anders Christiansen 9/2
Alexander Jeremejeff and Mattias Svanberg 9/2 Alexander Jeremejeff and Anders Christiansen 5/1
Markus Rosenberg and Nahir Besara 11/2 Pawel Cibicki and Nahir Besara 11/2
Pawel Cibicki and Kennedy Igboananike 11/2 Markus Rosenberg and Kennedy Igboananike 11/2
Jo Berget and Kennedy Igboananike 6/1 Pawel Cibicki and Victor Skold 6/1
Markus Rosenberg and Yanis Mbombo 6/1 Markus Rosenberg and Victor Skold 6/1
Pawel Cibicki and Yanis Mbombo 6/1 Jo Berget and Nahir Besara 6/1
Jo Berget and Yanis Mbombo 7/1 Alexander Jeremejeff and Kennedy Igboananike 7/1
Alexander Jeremejeff and Nahir Besara 7/1 Jo Berget and Victor Skold 7/1
Markus Rosenberg and Maic Sema 7/1 Markus Rosenberg and Michael Omoh 7/1
Pawel Cibicki and Maic Sema 7/1 Pawel Cibicki and Michael Omoh 7/1
Mattias Svanberg and Anders Christiansen 15/2 Jo Berget and Maic Sema 8/1
Alexander Jeremejeff and Victor Skold 8/1 Alexander Jeremejeff and Yanis Mbombo 8/1
Jo Berget and Michael Omoh 8/1 Alexander Jeremejeff and Michael Omoh 9/1
Alexander Jeremejeff and Maic Sema 9/1 Mattias Svanberg and Kennedy Igboananike 10/1
Mattias Svanberg and Nahir Besara 10/1 Anders Christiansen and Kennedy Igboananike 11/1
Anders Christiansen and Nahir Besara 11/1 Mattias Svanberg and Yanis Mbombo 11/1
Mattias Svanberg and Victor Skold 11/1 Mattias Svanberg and Michael Omoh 12/1
Anders Christiansen and Victor Skold 12/1 Anders Christiansen and Yanis Mbombo 12/1
Mattias Svanberg and Maic Sema 12/1 Anders Christiansen and Michael Omoh 14/1
Anders Christiansen and Maic Sema 14/1 Kennedy Igboananike and Nahir Besara 14/1
Kennedy Igboananike and Victor Skold 16/1 Kennedy Igboananike and Yanis Mbombo 16/1
Nahir Besara and Victor Skold 16/1 Nahir Besara and Yanis Mbombo 16/1
Nahir Besara and Maic Sema 18/1 Victor Skold and Yanis Mbombo 18/1
Kennedy Igboananike and Michael Omoh 18/1 Nahir Besara and Michael Omoh 18/1
Kennedy Igboananike and Maic Sema 18/1 Victor Skold and Michael Omoh 20/1
Victor Skold and Maic Sema 20/1 Yanis Mbombo and Michael Omoh 20/1
Yanis Mbombo and Maic Sema 20/1 Michael Omoh and Maic Sema 22/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available

16:30 - Djurgårdens IF v IFK Norrköping - Both Players To Score

Sebastian Andersson and Kalle Holmberg 6/1 Gustav Engvall and Sebastian Andersson 6/1
Gustav Engvall and Tino Kadewere 13/2 Tino Kadewere and Sebastian Andersson 13/2
Gustav Engvall and Kalle Holmberg 13/2 Gustav Engvall and Haruna Garba 13/2
Haruna Garba and Kalle Holmberg 13/2 Haruna Garba and Sebastian Andersson 13/2
Tino Kadewere and Kalle Holmberg 13/2 Tino Kadewere and Haruna Garba 7/1
Kerim Mrabti and Kalle Holmberg 15/2 Kerim Mrabti and Sebastian Andersson 15/2
Magnus Eriksson and Sebastian Andersson 15/2 Magnus Eriksson and Kalle Holmberg 15/2
Gustav Engvall and Magnus Eriksson 15/2 Gustav Engvall and Kerim Mrabti 15/2
Tino Kadewere and Magnus Eriksson 8/1 Haruna Garba and Magnus Eriksson 8/1
Haruna Garba and Kerim Mrabti 8/1 Sebastian Andersson and Adin Bukva 8/1
Aliou Badji and Sebastian Andersson 8/1 Tino Kadewere and Kerim Mrabti 8/1
Kalle Holmberg and Adin Bukva 17/2 Sebastian Andersson and Niklas Barkroth 17/2
Aliou Badji and Kalle Holmberg 17/2 Gustav Engvall and Aliou Badji 17/2
Gustav Engvall and Adin Bukva 17/2 Gustav Engvall and Niklas Barkroth 9/1
Kalle Holmberg and Niklas Barkroth 9/1 Sebastian Andersson and Simon Skrabb 9/1
Tino Kadewere and Aliou Badji 9/1 Haruna Garba and Aliou Badji 9/1
Tino Kadewere and Niklas Barkroth 9/1 Tino Kadewere and Adin Bukva 9/1
Magnus Eriksson and Kerim Mrabti 9/1 Haruna Garba and Adin Bukva 9/1
Haruna Garba and Niklas Barkroth 9/1 Magnus Eriksson and Aliou Badji 10/1
Sebastian Andersson and David Moberg Karlsson 10/1 Gustav Engvall and Simon Skrabb 10/1
Kalle Holmberg and Simon Skrabb 10/1 Tino Kadewere and Simon Skrabb 10/1
Kerim Mrabti and Adin Bukva 10/1 Haruna Garba and Simon Skrabb 10/1
Kerim Mrabti and Aliou Badji 10/1 Magnus Eriksson and Adin Bukva 10/1
Kerim Mrabti and Niklas Barkroth 11/1 Aliou Badji and Adin Bukva 11/1
Magnus Eriksson and Niklas Barkroth 11/1 Gustav Engvall and David Moberg Karlsson 11/1
Haruna Garba and David Moberg Karlsson 11/1 Tino Kadewere and David Moberg Karlsson 11/1
Kalle Holmberg and David Moberg Karlsson 11/1 Adin Bukva and Niklas Barkroth 12/1
Adin Bukva and Simon Skrabb 12/1 Aliou Badji and Niklas Barkroth 12/1
Aliou Badji and Simon Skrabb 12/1 Kerim Mrabti and David Moberg Karlsson 12/1
Kerim Mrabti and Simon Skrabb 12/1 Magnus Eriksson and David Moberg Karlsson 12/1
Magnus Eriksson and Simon Skrabb 12/1 Aliou Badji and David Moberg Karlsson 14/1
Adin Bukva and David Moberg Karlsson 14/1 Niklas Barkroth and Simon Skrabb 14/1
Niklas Barkroth and David Moberg Karlsson 14/1 Simon Skrabb and David Moberg Karlsson 16/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available