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Football Both Players to Score Bets

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Scottish Championship

19:45 - Dundee Utd v Hamilton - Both Players To Score

Simon Murray and Thomas Mikkelsen 8/1 Thomas Mikkelsen and Alexandre D'Acol 17/2
Simon Murray and Anthony Andreu 17/2 Simon Murray and Alexandre D'Acol 17/2
Thomas Mikkelsen and Anthony Andreu 17/2 Anthony Andreu and Alexandre D'Acol 9/1
Simon Murray and Rakish Bingham 9/1 Thomas Mikkelsen and Rakish Bingham 9/1
Anthony Andreu and Rakish Bingham 10/1 Thomas Mikkelsen and Ali Crawford 10/1
Thomas Mikkelsen and Eamonn Brophy 10/1 Thomas Mikkelsen and Louie Longridge 10/1
Thomas Mikkelsen and Ryan Tierney 10/1 Alexandre D'Acol and Rakish Bingham 10/1
Thomas Mikkelsen and Alex Nicholls 10/1 Simon Murray and Ryan Tierney 10/1
Simon Murray and Ali Crawford 10/1 Simon Murray and Eamonn Brophy 10/1
Simon Murray and Louie Longridge 10/1 Simon Murray and Alex Nicholls 10/1
Anthony Andreu and Ali Crawford 11/1 Alexandre D'Acol and Louie Longridge 11/1
Alexandre D'Acol and Eamonn Brophy 11/1 Alexandre D'Acol and Ali Crawford 11/1
Alexandre D'Acol and Ryan Tierney 11/1 Alex Nicholls and Alexandre D'Acol 11/1
Anthony Andreu and Ryan Tierney 11/1 Anthony Andreu and Louie Longridge 11/1
Anthony Andreu and Eamonn Brophy 11/1 Anthony Andreu and Alex Nicholls 11/1
Louie Longridge and Ali Crawford 12/1 Rakish Bingham and Ali Crawford 12/1
Rakish Bingham and Eamonn Brophy 12/1 Eamonn Brophy and Ryan Tierney 12/1
Eamonn Brophy and Ali Crawford 12/1 Rakish Bingham and Louie Longridge 12/1
Rakish Bingham and Ryan Tierney 12/1 Louie Longridge and Eamonn Brophy 12/1
Scott Fraser and Alexandre D'Acol 12/1 Louie Longridge and Ryan Tierney 12/1
Alex Nicholls and Rakish Bingham 12/1 Ali Crawford and Ryan Tierney 12/1
Alex Nicholls and Ali Crawford 12/1 Simon Murray and Nick van der Velden 12/1
Simon Murray and Scott Fraser 12/1 Thomas Mikkelsen and Nick van der Velden 12/1
Thomas Mikkelsen and Scott Fraser 12/1 Anthony Andreu and Nick van der Velden 12/1
Anthony Andreu and Scott Fraser 12/1 Alex Nicholls and Louie Longridge 12/1
Alex Nicholls and Eamonn Brophy 12/1 Alex Nicholls and Ryan Tierney 12/1
Nick van der Velden and Alexandre D'Acol 12/1 Nick van der Velden and Eamonn Brophy 14/1
Scott Fraser and Ryan Tierney 14/1 Scott Fraser and Ali Crawford 14/1
Alex Nicholls and Scott Fraser 14/1 Alex Nicholls and Nick van der Velden 14/1
Scott Fraser and Eamonn Brophy 14/1 Scott Fraser and Louie Longridge 14/1
Scott Fraser and Rakish Bingham 14/1 Nick van der Velden and Rakish Bingham 14/1
Nick van der Velden and Ryan Tierney 14/1 Nick van der Velden and Ali Crawford 14/1
Nick van der Velden and Louie Longridge 14/1 Nick van der Velden and Scott Fraser 16/1

All Bets: 94 Bets

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  • Live betting will be available

Dutch Eredivisie

19:45 - AZ Alkmaar v Utrecht - Both Players To Score

Wouter Weghorst and Fred Friday 7/2 Wouter Weghorst and Sebastien Haller 7/2
Fred Friday and Sebastien Haller 9/2 Wouter Weghorst and Gyrano Kerk 9/2
Wouter Weghorst and Richairo Zivkovic 9/2 Wouter Weghorst and Guus Til 9/2
Wouter Weghorst and Dabney dos Santos 9/2 Wouter Weghorst and Iliass Bel Hassani 5/1
Wouter Weghorst and Calvin Stengs 5/1 Wouter Weghorst and Nick Venema 11/2
Guus Til and Sebastien Haller 6/1 Sebastien Haller and Richairo Zivkovic 6/1
Sebastien Haller and Gyrano Kerk 6/1 Fred Friday and Richairo Zivkovic 6/1
Fred Friday and Gyrano Kerk 6/1 Dabney dos Santos and Sebastien Haller 6/1
Fred Friday and Dabney dos Santos 6/1 Fred Friday and Guus Til 6/1
Fred Friday and Calvin Stengs 13/2 Wouter Weghorst and Zakaria Labyad 13/2
Iliass Bel Hassani and Sebastien Haller 13/2 Wouter Weghorst and Nacer Barazite 13/2
Calvin Stengs and Sebastien Haller 13/2 Fred Friday and Iliass Bel Hassani 13/2
Fred Friday and Nick Venema 7/1 Sebastien Haller and Nick Venema 7/1
Richairo Zivkovic and Gyrano Kerk 8/1 Dabney dos Santos and Gyrano Kerk 8/1
Dabney dos Santos and Richairo Zivkovic 8/1 Guus Til and Dabney dos Santos 8/1
Guus Til and Gyrano Kerk 8/1 Guus Til and Richairo Zivkovic 8/1
Iliass Bel Hassani and Gyrano Kerk 17/2 Sebastien Haller and Zakaria Labyad 17/2
Fred Friday and Zakaria Labyad 17/2 Guus Til and Calvin Stengs 17/2
Fred Friday and Nacer Barazite 17/2 Dabney dos Santos and Calvin Stengs 17/2
Iliass Bel Hassani and Richairo Zivkovic 17/2 Guus Til and Iliass Bel Hassani 17/2
Sebastien Haller and Nacer Barazite 17/2 Calvin Stengs and Gyrano Kerk 17/2
Calvin Stengs and Richairo Zivkovic 17/2 Dabney dos Santos and Iliass Bel Hassani 17/2
Calvin Stengs and Iliass Bel Hassani 9/1 Gyrano Kerk and Nick Venema 9/1
Richairo Zivkovic and Nick Venema 9/1 Dabney dos Santos and Nick Venema 9/1
Guus Til and Nick Venema 9/1 Iliass Bel Hassani and Nick Venema 10/1
Calvin Stengs and Nick Venema 10/1 Richairo Zivkovic and Zakaria Labyad 11/1
Richairo Zivkovic and Nacer Barazite 11/1 Gyrano Kerk and Nacer Barazite 11/1
Gyrano Kerk and Zakaria Labyad 11/1 Guus Til and Zakaria Labyad 11/1
Dabney dos Santos and Zakaria Labyad 11/1 Dabney dos Santos and Nacer Barazite 11/1
Guus Til and Nacer Barazite 11/1 Iliass Bel Hassani and Zakaria Labyad 12/1
Iliass Bel Hassani and Nacer Barazite 12/1 Calvin Stengs and Zakaria Labyad 12/1
Calvin Stengs and Nacer Barazite 12/1 Nick Venema and Nacer Barazite 12/1
Nick Venema and Zakaria Labyad 12/1 Nacer Barazite and Zakaria Labyad 14/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available

Austrian Bundesliga

15:30 - Austria Vienna v Red Bull Salzburg - Both Players To Score

Hee-Chan Hwang and Takumi Minamino 9/2 Olarenwaju Kayode and Hee-Chan Hwang 5/1
Hee-Chan Hwang and Wanderson 11/2 Olarenwaju Kayode and Takumi Minamino 11/2
Kevin Friesenbichler and Hee-Chan Hwang 6/1 Takumi Minamino and Wanderson 6/1
Hee-Chan Hwang and Valon Berisha 13/2 Kevin Friesenbichler and Takumi Minamino 13/2
Marko Kvasina and Hee-Chan Hwang 13/2 Olarenwaju Kayode and Kevin Friesenbichler 13/2
Olarenwaju Kayode and Wanderson 13/2 Alexander Grunwald and Hee-Chan Hwang 7/1
Hee-Chan Hwang and Hannes Wolf 7/1 Marko Kvasina and Takumi Minamino 7/1
Takumi Minamino and Valon Berisha 7/1 Alexander Grunwald and Takumi Minamino 15/2
Ismael Tajouri and Hee-Chan Hwang 15/2 Kevin Friesenbichler and Wanderson 15/2
Olarenwaju Kayode and Marko Kvasina 15/2 Olarenwaju Kayode and Valon Berisha 15/2
Takumi Minamino and Hannes Wolf 15/2 Ismael Tajouri and Takumi Minamino 8/1
Marko Kvasina and Wanderson 8/1 Olarenwaju Kayode and Alexander Grunwald 8/1
Olarenwaju Kayode and Hannes Wolf 8/1 Wanderson and Valon Berisha 8/1
Hee-Chan Hwang and Valentino Lazaro 17/2 Kevin Friesenbichler and Marko Kvasina 17/2
Kevin Friesenbichler and Valon Berisha 17/2 Olarenwaju Kayode and Ismael Tajouri 17/2
Raphael Holzhauser and Hee-Chan Hwang 17/2 Alexander Grunwald and Wanderson 9/1
Ismael Tajouri and Wanderson 9/1 Kevin Friesenbichler and Alexander Grunwald 9/1
Kevin Friesenbichler and Hannes Wolf 9/1 Marko Kvasina and Valon Berisha 9/1
Olarenwaju Kayode and Raphael Holzhauser 9/1 Olarenwaju Kayode and Valentino Lazaro 9/1
Raphael Holzhauser and Takumi Minamino 9/1 Takumi Minamino and Valentino Lazaro 9/1
Wanderson and Hannes Wolf 9/1 Alexander Grunwald and Valon Berisha 10/1
Kevin Friesenbichler and Ismael Tajouri 10/1 Marko Kvasina and Alexander Grunwald 10/1
Marko Kvasina and Hannes Wolf 10/1 Raphael Holzhauser and Wanderson 10/1
Valon Berisha and Hannes Wolf 10/1 Wanderson and Valentino Lazaro 10/1
Alexander Grunwald and Hannes Wolf 11/1 Ismael Tajouri and Valon Berisha 11/1
Kevin Friesenbichler and Raphael Holzhauser 11/1 Kevin Friesenbichler and Valentino Lazaro 11/1
Marko Kvasina and Ismael Tajouri 11/1 Alexander Grunwald and Ismael Tajouri 12/1
Alexander Grunwald and Raphael Holzhauser 12/1 Alexander Grunwald and Valentino Lazaro 12/1
Hannes Wolf and Valentino Lazaro 12/1 Ismael Tajouri and Hannes Wolf 12/1
Marko Kvasina and Raphael Holzhauser 12/1 Marko Kvasina and Valentino Lazaro 12/1
Raphael Holzhauser and Hannes Wolf 12/1 Raphael Holzhauser and Valon Berisha 12/1
Valon Berisha and Valentino Lazaro 12/1 Ismael Tajouri and Raphael Holzhauser 14/1
Ismael Tajouri and Valentino Lazaro 14/1 Raphael Holzhauser and Valentino Lazaro 14/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available

15:30 - Mattersburg v Rapid Vienna - Both Players To Score

Giorgi Kvilitaia and Joelinton 13/2 Giorgi Kvilitaia and Matej Jelic 13/2
Joelinton and Matej Jelic 13/2 Patrick Burger and Giorgi Kvilitaia 7/1
Patrick Burger and Joelinton 7/1 Stefan Maierhofer and Giorgi Kvilitaia 7/1
Stefan Maierhofer and Joelinton 7/1 Barnabas Varga and Giorgi Kvilitaia 15/2
Barnabas Varga and Joelinton 15/2 Giorgi Kvilitaia and Thomas Murg 15/2
Joelinton and Thomas Murg 15/2 Patrick Burger and Matej Jelic 15/2
Stefan Maierhofer and Matej Jelic 15/2 Barnabas Varga and Matej Jelic 8/1
Matej Jelic and Thomas Murg 8/1 Stefan Maierhofer and Patrick Burger 8/1
David Atanga and Giorgi Kvilitaia 17/2 David Atanga and Joelinton 17/2
Florian Templ and Giorgi Kvilitaia 17/2 Florian Templ and Joelinton 17/2
Giorgi Kvilitaia and Arnor Traustason 17/2 Joelinton and Arnor Traustason 17/2
Patrick Burger and Barnabas Varga 17/2 Patrick Burger and Thomas Murg 17/2
Stefan Maierhofer and Barnabas Varga 17/2 Stefan Maierhofer and Thomas Murg 17/2
Thorsten Rocher and Giorgi Kvilitaia 17/2 Thorsten Rocher and Joelinton 17/2
Barnabas Varga and Thomas Murg 9/1 David Atanga and Matej Jelic 9/1
Florian Templ and Matej Jelic 9/1 Giorgi Kvilitaia and Louis Schaub 9/1
Joelinton and Louis Schaub 9/1 Matej Jelic and Arnor Traustason 9/1
Matej Jelic and Louis Schaub 9/1 Patrick Burger and Arnor Traustason 9/1
Patrick Burger and David Atanga 9/1 Patrick Burger and Florian Templ 9/1
Patrick Burger and Thorsten Rocher 9/1 Stefan Maierhofer and Arnor Traustason 9/1
Stefan Maierhofer and David Atanga 9/1 Stefan Maierhofer and Florian Templ 9/1
Stefan Maierhofer and Thorsten Rocher 9/1 Thorsten Rocher and Matej Jelic 9/1
Barnabas Varga and Arnor Traustason 10/1 Barnabas Varga and David Atanga 10/1
Barnabas Varga and Florian Templ 10/1 Barnabas Varga and Thorsten Rocher 10/1
David Atanga and Thomas Murg 10/1 Florian Templ and Thomas Murg 10/1
Patrick Burger and Louis Schaub 10/1 Stefan Maierhofer and Louis Schaub 10/1
Thomas Murg and Arnor Traustason 10/1 Thorsten Rocher and Thomas Murg 10/1
Barnabas Varga and Louis Schaub 11/1 David Atanga and Arnor Traustason 11/1
Florian Templ and Arnor Traustason 11/1 Florian Templ and David Atanga 11/1
Florian Templ and Thorsten Rocher 11/1 Thomas Murg and Louis Schaub 11/1
Thorsten Rocher and Arnor Traustason 11/1 Thorsten Rocher and David Atanga 11/1
Arnor Traustason and Louis Schaub 12/1 David Atanga and Louis Schaub 12/1
Florian Templ and Louis Schaub 12/1 Thorsten Rocher and Louis Schaub 12/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available

15:30 - St Polten v RZ Pellets WAC - Both Players To Score

Kevin Luckassen and Lonsana Doumbouya 8/1 Kevin Luckassen and Manuel Hartl 8/1
Manuel Hartl and Lonsana Doumbouya 8/1 Kevin Luckassen and Issiaka Ouedraogo 17/2
Kevin Luckassen and Philip Hellquist 17/2 Kevin Luckassen and Philipp Prosenik 17/2
Lonsana Doumbouya and Issiaka Ouedraogo 17/2 Lonsana Doumbouya and Philip Hellquist 17/2
Lonsana Doumbouya and Philipp Prosenik 17/2 Manuel Hartl and Issiaka Ouedraogo 17/2
Manuel Hartl and Philip Hellquist 17/2 Manuel Hartl and Philipp Prosenik 17/2
Kevin Luckassen and Dever Orgill 9/1 Kevin Luckassen and Mihret Topcagic 9/1
Lonsana Doumbouya and Dever Orgill 9/1 Lonsana Doumbouya and Mihret Topcagic 9/1
Manuel Hartl and Dever Orgill 9/1 Manuel Hartl and Mihret Topcagic 9/1
Philip Hellquist and Issiaka Ouedraogo 9/1 Philip Hellquist and Philipp Prosenik 9/1
Philipp Prosenik and Issiaka Ouedraogo 9/1 Issiaka Ouedraogo and Dever Orgill 10/1
Issiaka Ouedraogo and Mihret Topcagic 10/1 Kevin Luckassen and Cheikhou Dieng 10/1
Kevin Luckassen and Daniel Schutz 10/1 Kevin Luckassen and Lukas Thurauer 10/1
Lonsana Doumbouya and Cheikhou Dieng 10/1 Lonsana Doumbouya and Daniel Schutz 10/1
Lonsana Doumbouya and Lukas Thurauer 10/1 Manuel Hartl and Cheikhou Dieng 10/1
Manuel Hartl and Daniel Schutz 10/1 Manuel Hartl and Lukas Thurauer 10/1
Philip Hellquist and Dever Orgill 10/1 Philip Hellquist and Mihret Topcagic 10/1
Philipp Prosenik and Dever Orgill 10/1 Philipp Prosenik and Mihret Topcagic 10/1
Cheikhou Dieng and Issiaka Ouedraogo 11/1 Cheikhou Dieng and Philip Hellquist 11/1
Cheikhou Dieng and Philipp Prosenik 11/1 Daniel Schutz and Issiaka Ouedraogo 11/1
Daniel Schutz and Philip Hellquist 11/1 Daniel Schutz and Philipp Prosenik 11/1
Dever Orgill and Mihret Topcagic 11/1 Kevin Luckassen and Christopher Wernitznig 11/1
Lonsana Doumbouya and Christopher Wernitznig 11/1 Lukas Thurauer and Issiaka Ouedraogo 11/1
Lukas Thurauer and Philip Hellquist 11/1 Lukas Thurauer and Philipp Prosenik 11/1
Manuel Hartl and Christopher Wernitznig 11/1 Cheikhou Dieng and Daniel Schutz 12/1
Cheikhou Dieng and Dever Orgill 12/1 Cheikhou Dieng and Mihret Topcagic 12/1
Daniel Schutz and Dever Orgill 12/1 Daniel Schutz and Mihret Topcagic 12/1
Dever Orgill and Christopher Wernitznig 12/1 Issiaka Ouedraogo and Christopher Wernitznig 12/1
Lukas Thurauer and Cheikhou Dieng 12/1 Lukas Thurauer and Daniel Schutz 12/1
Lukas Thurauer and Dever Orgill 12/1 Lukas Thurauer and Mihret Topcagic 12/1
Mihret Topcagic and Christopher Wernitznig 12/1 Philip Hellquist and Christopher Wernitznig 12/1
Philipp Prosenik and Christopher Wernitznig 12/1 Cheikhou Dieng and Christopher Wernitznig 14/1
Daniel Schutz and Christopher Wernitznig 14/1 Lukas Thurauer and Christopher Wernitznig 14/1

All Bets: 37 Bets

  • Live betting will be available
  • Live betting will be available