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Premier League

12:45 - Southampton v Everton - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Rickie Lambert and Romelu Lukaku 13/2 Romelu Lukaku and Steven Naismith 7/1
Rickie Lambert and Steven Naismith 8/1 Adam Lallana and Romelu Lukaku 17/2
Sam Gallagher and Romelu Lukaku 17/2 Romelu Lukaku and Gerard Deulofeu 17/2
Ross Barkley and Romelu Lukaku 10/1 Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana 11/1
Rickie Lambert and Sam Gallagher 11/1 Rickie Lambert and Gerard Deulofeu 11/1
Adam Lallana and Steven Naismith 12/1 Rickie Lambert and Ross Barkley 12/1
Sam Gallagher and Steven Naismith 12/1 Steven Naismith and Gerard Deulofeu 12/1
Ross Barkley and Steven Naismith 14/1 Sam Gallagher and Gerard Deulofeu 16/1
Adam Lallana and Gerard Deulofeu 16/1 Sam Gallagher and Adam Lallana 16/1
Sam Gallagher and Ross Barkley 18/1 Adam Lallana and Ross Barkley 18/1
Ross Barkley and Gerard Deulofeu 18/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

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15:00 - Fulham v Hull - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Hugo Rodallega and Nikica Jelavic 11/2 Hugo Rodallega and Kostas Mitroglou 11/2
Kostas Mitroglou and Nikica Jelavic 6/1 Hugo Rodallega and Shane Long 7/1
Nikica Jelavic and Shane Long 15/2 Kostas Mitroglou and Shane Long 15/2
Hugo Rodallega and Cauley Woodrow 8/1 Hugo Rodallega and Matty Fryatt 8/1
Hugo Rodallega and Darren Bent 8/1 Kostas Mitroglou and Cauley Woodrow 17/2
Nikica Jelavic and Matty Fryatt 17/2 Cauley Woodrow and Nikica Jelavic 17/2
Darren Bent and Nikica Jelavic 17/2 Hugo Rodallega and Yannick Sagbo 17/2
Kostas Mitroglou and Darren Bent 17/2 Kostas Mitroglou and Matty Fryatt 17/2
Kostas Mitroglou and Yannick Sagbo 9/1 Nikica Jelavic and Yannick Sagbo 9/1
Cauley Woodrow and Shane Long 11/1 Darren Bent and Shane Long 11/1
Shane Long and Matty Fryatt 11/1 Shane Long and Yannick Sagbo 12/1
Darren Bent and Cauley Woodrow 12/1 Darren Bent and Matty Fryatt 12/1
Cauley Woodrow and Matty Fryatt 12/1 Matty Fryatt and Yannick Sagbo 14/1
Darren Bent and Yannick Sagbo 14/1 Cauley Woodrow and Yannick Sagbo 14/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

15:00 - Stoke v Tottenham - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Peter Crouch and Emmanuel Adebayor 6/1 Emmanuel Adebayor and Harry Kane 15/2
Peter Odemwingie and Emmanuel Adebayor 8/1 Emmanuel Adebayor and Christian Eriksen 8/1
Peter Crouch and Harry Kane 10/1 Peter Crouch and Peter Odemwingie 11/1
Peter Crouch and Christian Eriksen 11/1 Marko Arnautovic and Emmanuel Adebayor 11/1
Emmanuel Adebayor and Nacer Chadli 12/1 Peter Crouch and Marko Arnautovic 14/1
Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen 16/1 Stephen Ireland and Emmanuel Adebayor 16/1
Peter Odemwingie and Christian Eriksen 16/1 Peter Crouch and Nacer Chadli 16/1
Peter Odemwingie and Harry Kane 16/1 Peter Crouch and Stephen Ireland 18/1
Peter Odemwingie and Marko Arnautovic 18/1 Marko Arnautovic and Christian Eriksen 18/1
Marko Arnautovic and Harry Kane 18/1 Nacer Chadli and Christian Eriksen 20/1
Peter Odemwingie and Nacer Chadli 20/1 Harry Kane and Nacer Chadli 20/1
Stephen Ireland and Harry Kane 25/1 Marko Arnautovic and Nacer Chadli 25/1
Peter Odemwingie and Stephen Ireland 25/1 Stephen Ireland and Christian Eriksen 25/1
Marko Arnautovic and Stephen Ireland 33/1 Stephen Ireland and Nacer Chadli 40/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

15:00 - Swansea v Aston Villa - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Wilfried Bony and Jonjo Shelvey 13/2 Wilfried Bony and Gabriel Agbonlahor 15/2
Wilfried Bony and Pablo Hernandez 8/1 Wilfried Bony and Nathan Dyer 8/1
Wilfried Bony and Andreas Weimann 9/1 Jonjo Shelvey and Gabriel Agbonlahor 14/1
Pablo Hernandez and Jonjo Shelvey 16/1 Nathan Dyer and Jonjo Shelvey 16/1
Wilfried Bony and Leandro Bacuna 16/1 Wilfried Bony and Marc Albrighton 16/1
Gabriel Agbonlahor and Andreas Weimann 18/1 Pablo Hernandez and Nathan Dyer 18/1
Jonjo Shelvey and Andreas Weimann 18/1 Nathan Dyer and Gabriel Agbonlahor 18/1
Pablo Hernandez and Gabriel Agbonlahor 18/1 Nathan Dyer and Andreas Weimann 20/1
Pablo Hernandez and Andreas Weimann 20/1 Jonjo Shelvey and Marc Albrighton 25/1
Gabriel Agbonlahor and Marc Albrighton 28/1 Jonjo Shelvey and Leandro Bacuna 28/1
Gabriel Agbonlahor and Leandro Bacuna 33/1 Nathan Dyer and Leandro Bacuna 33/1
Nathan Dyer and Marc Albrighton 33/1 Pablo Hernandez and Marc Albrighton 33/1
Pablo Hernandez and Leandro Bacuna 33/1 Andreas Weimann and Leandro Bacuna 40/1
Andreas Weimann and Marc Albrighton 40/1 Marc Albrighton and Leandro Bacuna 66/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

15:00 - West Brom v West Ham - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Victor Anichebe and Matej Vydra 8/1 Matej Vydra and Stephane Sessegnon 9/1
Matej Vydra and Andy Carroll 9/1 Matej Vydra and Kevin Nolan 11/1
Victor Anichebe and Andy Carroll 11/1 Victor Anichebe and Stephane Sessegnon 11/1
Stephane Sessegnon and Andy Carroll 12/1 Victor Anichebe and Kevin Nolan 12/1
Stephane Sessegnon and Kevin Nolan 14/1 Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan 14/1
Matej Vydra and Mohamed Diame 18/1 Matej Vydra and Chris Brunt 18/1
Victor Anichebe and Chris Brunt 20/1 Victor Anichebe and Mohamed Diame 20/1
Andy Carroll and Mohamed Diame 22/1 Stephane Sessegnon and Mohamed Diame 22/1
Chris Brunt and Stephane Sessegnon 22/1 Chris Brunt and Andy Carroll 22/1
Matej Vydra and Stewart Downing 22/1 Kevin Nolan and Mohamed Diame 25/1
Chris Brunt and Kevin Nolan 25/1 Victor Anichebe and Stewart Downing 25/1
Stephane Sessegnon and Stewart Downing 28/1 Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing 28/1
Kevin Nolan and Stewart Downing 33/1 Chris Brunt and Mohamed Diame 50/1
Mohamed Diame and Stewart Downing 66/1 Chris Brunt and Stewart Downing 66/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

17:30 - Manchester Utd v Norwich - Both Players To Score Both players must take part for bets to stand.

Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez 21/10 Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck 9/4
Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata 3/1 Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck 100/30
Danny Welbeck and Juan Mata 9/2 Javier Hernandez and Juan Mata 9/2
Wayne Rooney and Shinji Kagawa 5/1 Wayne Rooney and Adnan Januzaj 5/1
Javier Hernandez and Adnan Januzaj 6/1 Javier Hernandez and Shinji Kagawa 6/1
Danny Welbeck and Adnan Januzaj 13/2 Danny Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa 13/2
Wayne Rooney and Gary Hooper 13/2 Wayne Rooney and Robert Snodgrass 8/1
Juan Mata and Adnan Januzaj 8/1 Juan Mata and Shinji Kagawa 8/1
Javier Hernandez and Gary Hooper 17/2 Danny Welbeck and Gary Hooper 9/1
Wayne Rooney and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 9/1 Juan Mata and Gary Hooper 11/1
Javier Hernandez and Robert Snodgrass 11/1 Danny Welbeck and Robert Snodgrass 12/1
Javier Hernandez and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 12/1 Adnan Januzaj and Shinji Kagawa 12/1
Danny Welbeck and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 14/1 Juan Mata and Robert Snodgrass 16/1
Juan Mata and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 16/1 Shinji Kagawa and Gary Hooper 18/1
Adnan Januzaj and Gary Hooper 18/1 Shinji Kagawa and Robert Snodgrass 20/1
Adnan Januzaj and Robert Snodgrass 20/1 Adnan Januzaj and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 22/1
Shinji Kagawa and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 22/1 Gary Hooper and Robert Snodgrass 28/1
Gary Hooper and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 33/1 Robert Snodgrass and Ricky van Wolfswinkel 40/1

All Bets: 67 Bets

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