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Got a match-day superstition that boosts your team? Do you kiss the badge? Stand on one leg? Always buy a pie from the same stall? Up and down the country, fans let their superstitions and rituals take over to help their team get a win. We want to hear your funny, quirky and crazy superstitions. Enter your details in the form and we'll reward our favourite entries with club shirts or footballs signed by your club's players!

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    Some of our favourite stories so far...

    • Chris Atkinson Burnley

      I have a shave at the start of the season and I only shave when Burnley win, luckily I have shaved a lot this year!

    • Salem Abouelela Brighton & Hove Albion

      Every time I watch Brighton I make sure I wear no socks, due to the first time I watched them and we lost with me wearing socks. I make sure to kiss the badge 4 times for every year we were in the old Division 1 too. And I'm not proud of this but every time I watch Brighton I buy a burger from the stand but don't eat it, I throw it away. My granddad made me throw my burger away when we were in a rush to get into the stadium once and we ended up winning. Ritual for life.

    • Ben Rheeston Birmingham City

      Firstly, when I'm driving to the match the traffic lights I pass through will determine the result. If we go through more Green lights then we win. If we come to more Red lights then we lose and if we hit Amber then we draw!! Secondly, I always always wear the same colour shirt as what the players will be wearing! USUALLY I find it works but this season seem's to have failed :(

    • Jordan Brocklehurst Blackpool

      Myself and my friends that I go to Blackpool games with have come up with a very bizarre superstition this season. It seems to be that, unfortunately, when walking to the ground, I have slipped on dog mess a few times this season without seeing it! Each time I have slipped (after the great start of the season we got off to), Blackpool have gone on to win the game! It is therefore quite understandable why Blackpool have had a poor season this year!! With 4 skids and 4 wins (disregarding the very start of the season) we haven't won a single match without me taking the slide. This is why we believe that if I slip, Blackpool will go on to win the 3 points!

    • Roddy Maclean Derby County

      2014-15 will be my fourteenth year of having a season ticket for the Rams. Not bad I believe, considering I live just outside Edinburgh. My commitment to the Rams encouraged me to get my driving licence, and buy a car,since it wasn't always possible to get the cheaper train or air tickets. I reckon I travel nearly 13,000 miles a year to see the Rams play at Pride Park, often car sharing. When you add in the away games I've seen, it probably averages around 18,000 miles a season over the past 13 years. No wonder my wife reckons I'm bonkers.

    • John Thorner Leeds United

      I live on the isle of Portland in Dorset which is roughly a 600 + mile round trip to Elland Road. I am disabled having no legs and traveled up to Leeds to watch the Doncaster game. This involved me going to bed at 6 pm on Friday evening and getting up at 01.30 &waiting for my wife to arrive home to assist me into my car at 02.30 . I then drove to Salisbury to collect my youngest son and we drove to the ground. We met several players and had our photographs taken . We watched another sorry performance and all this on the back of watching our 4-1 defeat at Bournemouth the previous Tuesday. So we were very despondent on our long journey home. We finally arrived back at my home at 23.45 which meant I had been wake for 21 1/4 hours. I do this because I have followed the club since 1963 I will be 56 in August.

    • Philip Hodgin Brentford

      It's difficult to follow the Bees from Florida but I do. Once a year I come to London to see them. When it looked like playoffs were possible I scheduled this years trip for May so I might see them at Wembley but automatic is even better. Makes the trips in October February March and April in years past worth it!

    • David Woolford Brighton

      I travelled over 2400 miles to get to the away game against Hull in the fa cup via plane train and car!

    • Richard Page Leicester City

      I've cycled 3,500 miles to every Leicester away game this season to raise money to help cure my son - and cheer on my team!

    • David Taylor Sheffield United

      Years ago the "London Blades" ran a competition to see who had travelled the furthest to watch a blades match. There were many entries of fans travelling from abroad and it was fairly close until my son posted that he had cut short a trip so that he could return to London to watch the play off final at Wembley with me. He travelled back from Auckland New Zealand. Unfortunately it was all in vain the blades lost.

    • Andrew Hancox Sheffield United

      It all starts off in Raheny (Dublin) where I will have to get a lift 20 minutes up the road before I get on a bus for 30 minutes to the airport. Then have to sit around for the flight, I then fly into Manchester to meet my aunt and uncle who live near Bolton and then we have a 1 hour and 30 min drive to see the Blades. Overall I travel over 160 miles to watch my team!

    • Phil Beeton Leeds United

      I've been to more than 2000 consecutive Leeds games, home and away. I haven't worked out the distance traveled but considering it included coming back from a 1 week holiday twice - it's sure to be a long, long way

    • Stuart Donaldson York City

      This season, I've been to York v Plymouth in November, in the 1-1 draw between the sides. This Monday, I'm coming again to York v Bury spending the night out in the Sunday in York. As a Hearts fan in Edinburgh going to all the games, it's quite difficult to get to York games this season, only at any opportunity that arises. As all my Edinburgh fans support Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool etc.. I couldn't be prouder coming from Edinburgh from time to time to support the famous York City!

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