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FA Cup Betting Odds

Saturday 30th May 2015

FA Cup Winner 14/15 - Win Outright
Your stake is doubled for an each-way bet with half going on the selection to win and half on it to place. Read the full explanation here
Each Way: 1/2 for first 2 places

Arsenal 5/2 Manchester Utd 3/1
Liverpool 11/2 West Ham 9/1
Stoke 14/1 West Brom 18/1
Aston Villa 20/1 Crystal Palace 20/1
Derby 25/1 Sunderland 33/1
Leicester 33/1 Blackburn 40/1
Middlesbrough 50/1 Fulham 80/1
Reading 80/1 Bolton 150/1
Preston 200/1 Sheff Utd 200/1
Bradford 200/1 Cambridge 2000/1

FA Cup Name the Finalists 14/15 - Name The Finalists Others on request.

Arsenal / Manchester Utd 4/1 Arsenal / Liverpool 7/1
Manchester Utd / Liverpool 8/1 Arsenal / West Ham 10/1
Arsenal / Stoke 14/1 Manchester Utd / Stoke 16/1
Arsenal / Aston Villa 22/1 Arsenal / Crystal Palace 22/1
Arsenal / West Brom 22/1 Manchester Utd / West Brom 22/1
Liverpool / West Ham 22/1 Manchester Utd / Aston Villa 22/1
Manchester Utd / Crystal Palace 25/1 Liverpool / Stoke 28/1
Liverpool / Aston Villa 33/1 Arsenal / Derby 33/1
Manchester Utd / Sunderland 40/1 Arsenal / Sunderland 40/1
Manchester Utd / Derby 40/1 Arsenal / Leicester 40/1
Manchester Utd / Leicester 40/1 Liverpool / West Brom 40/1
West Ham / Stoke 40/1 West Ham / Crystal Palace 50/1
West Ham / Aston Villa 50/1 Liverpool / Leicester 66/1
Liverpool / Sunderland 66/1 Stoke / Aston Villa 66/1
Stoke / West Brom 66/1 Stoke / Crystal Palace 80/1
West Ham / Derby 80/1 West Brom / Crystal Palace 100/1
West Brom / Aston Villa 100/1 Stoke / Derby 125/1
Stoke / Leicester 150/1 Stoke / Sunderland 150/1
West Brom / Derby 150/1 West Ham / Middlesbrough 150/1
Stoke / Middlesbrough 200/1 West Brom / Sunderland 200/1
West Brom / Middlesbrough 300/1 Crystal Palace / Middlesbrough 350/1
Sunderland / Middlesbrough 400/1 Arsenal / Bradford 500/1

Furthest Progressing Sky Bet Football League Team 14/15 - To Progress The Furthest Dead heat rules apply.

Derby 11/8 Blackburn 4/1
Reading 6/1 Bradford 7/1
Fulham 12/1 Sheffield Utd 16/1
Middlesbrough 16/1 Preston 20/1
Bolton 25/1 Cambridge 250/1

FA Cup Specials 14/15 - Win Special

A Sky Bet Football League Club to reach the FA Cup final 4/1 A Sky Bet Football League Club to win the FA Cup 9/1

FA Cup Odds

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 The FA Cup is the most celebrated domestic cup competition in world football. It has become established as one of the country's great sporting institutions. It is now over 130 years old and it renowned for its upsets with minnows toppling giants.

The first competition in season 1871-72 had fifteen entries, the most recent saw 700 sides take part. Wanderers, a team formed by ex-public school and university players, won the first final 1-0 against Royal Engineers at Kennington Oval. 

Probably the most memorable final of all saw massive underdogs Wimbledon beat Liverpool 1-0 to lift the famous old trophy in 1988, just 11 years after being elected into the Football League.

The 1923 final between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United was the first match at the new stadium and it drew an estimated crowd of 200,000, vastly exceeding the official capacity. The occasion is still fondly remembered for the efforts of PC George Scorey on his white horse 'Billie' who helped clear thousands of spectators who spilled on to the pitch.

Another FA Cup legend is Bert Trautmann, a former German POW, who earned hero status after playing the last fifteen minutes of Manchester City's 1956 Final against Birmingham City with what turned out to be a broken neck.

The new Wembley hosted its first final in 2007. Sir Bobby Robson, a Cup winner as Ipswich Town's manager, once said: "The FA Cup Final is the greatest single match outside the World Cup Final - and it's ours".