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Football Both Players to Score Bets

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Europa League

20:05 - Celtic v Red Bull Salzburg - Both Players To Score Extra time does not count

Jonathan Soriano and Alan 9/2 Kris Commons and Jonathan Soriano 9/2
Anthony Stokes and Jonathan Soriano 5/1 Kris Commons and Anthony Stokes 11/2
Jonathan Soriano and Marcel Sabitzer 11/2 Leigh Griffiths and Jonathan Soriano 11/2
Stefan Scepovic and Jonathan Soriano 11/2 Kris Commons and Alan 11/2
Anthony Stokes and Alan 11/2 Kris Commons and Stefan Scepovic 13/2
Leigh Griffiths and Alan 13/2 Stefan Scepovic and Alan 13/2
Anthony Stokes and Marcel Sabitzer 13/2 Alan and Marcel Sabitzer 13/2
Kris Commons and Marcel Sabitzer 13/2 Anthony Stokes and Stefan Scepovic 13/2
Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths 13/2 Jonathan Soriano and Massimo Bruno 13/2
Kris Commons and Leigh Griffiths 13/2 Leigh Griffiths and Marcel Sabitzer 15/2
Stefan Scepovic and Leigh Griffiths 15/2 Stefan Scepovic and Marcel Sabitzer 15/2
Alan and Massimo Bruno 8/1 Kris Commons and Massimo Bruno 8/1
Anthony Stokes and Massimo Bruno 17/2 Marcel Sabitzer and Massimo Bruno 9/1
Stefan Scepovic and Massimo Bruno 9/1 Leigh Griffiths and Massimo Bruno 9/1

All Bets: 61 Bets

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20:05 - Tottenham v P. Belgrade - Both Players To Score Extra time does not count

Harry Kane and Emmanuel Adebayor 15/8 Harry Kane and Roberto Soldado 21/10
Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado 9/4 Emmanuel Adebayor and Nacer Chadli 100/30
Harry Kane and Nacer Chadli 100/30 Roberto Soldado and Nacer Chadli 7/2
Harry Kane and Petar Skuletic 7/1 Emmanuel Adebayor and Petar Skuletic 7/1
Harry Kane and Danko Lazovic 8/1 Emmanuel Adebayor and Danko Lazovic 8/1
Roberto Soldado and Petar Skuletic 8/1 Harry Kane and Beko Ismael Fofana 17/2
Emmanuel Adebayor and Beko Ismael Fofana 9/1 Roberto Soldado and Danko Lazovic 9/1
Roberto Soldado and Beko Ismael Fofana 10/1 Nacer Chadli and Petar Skuletic 11/1
Emmanuel Adebayor and Petar Grbic 11/1 Harry Kane and Petar Grbic 11/1
Nacer Chadli and Danko Lazovic 12/1 Roberto Soldado and Petar Grbic 12/1
Nacer Chadli and Beko Ismael Fofana 16/1 Nacer Chadli and Petar Grbic 18/1
Petar Skuletic and Danko Lazovic 25/1 Petar Skuletic and Beko Ismael Fofana 28/1
Danko Lazovic and Beko Ismael Fofana 33/1 Danko Lazovic and Petar Grbic 40/1
Petar Skuletic and Petar Grbic 40/1 Beko Ismael Fofana and Petar Grbic 50/1

All Bets: 72 Bets

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  • Live betting will be available

20:05 - Villarreal v Borussia Monchengladbach - Both Players To Score Extra time does not count

Ikechukwu Uche and Giovani Dos Santos 11/2 Ikechukwu Uche and Gerard Moreno 11/2
Ikechukwu Uche and Luciano Vietto 6/1 Gerard Moreno and Giovani Dos Santos 6/1
Luciano Vietto and Giovani Dos Santos 13/2 Ikechukwu Uche and Max Kruse 13/2
Ikechukwu Uche and Raffael Caetano 13/2 Luciano Vietto and Gerard Moreno 13/2
Gerard Moreno and Raffael Caetano 15/2 Giovani Dos Santos and Max Kruse 15/2
Giovani Dos Santos and Raffael Caetano 15/2 Gerard Moreno and Max Kruse 15/2
Luciano Vietto and Raffael Caetano 8/1 Luciano Vietto and Max Kruse 8/1
Ikechukwu Uche and Branimir Hrgota 8/1 Raffael Caetano and Max Kruse 9/1
Gerard Moreno and Branimir Hrgota 9/1 Giovani Dos Santos and Branimir Hrgota 9/1
Luciano Vietto and Branimir Hrgota 11/1 Ikechukwu Uche and Marlon Ritter 11/1
Max Kruse and Branimir Hrgota 12/1 Raffael Caetano and Branimir Hrgota 12/1
Giovani Dos Santos and Marlon Ritter 12/1 Gerard Moreno and Marlon Ritter 12/1
Luciano Vietto and Marlon Ritter 14/1 Raffael Caetano and Marlon Ritter 16/1
Max Kruse and Marlon Ritter 16/1 Branimir Hrgota and Marlon Ritter 18/1

All Bets: 54 Bets

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  • Live betting will be available